niu haus

niu haus
/Catalan/ /German/
from Latin nīdus from Old High German hūs
def: nest def: house
The structure consists of a main frame and an adaptable substructure, both using pine wood from Valldaura. The waffle system links the rational interior with the organic envelope, providing a buffer zone where the equipment is placed. The skin is characterized by the use of shingles. That technique provides the design the freedom to acquire different forms with one same component. Through parametric design this ancient element acquires a more advanced approach. The house contains the basic functions for living freeing the main space by positioning the functions in the boundary. The metabolic system incorporates water, energy and information into one whole integrated system that feeds into the overall design. The project takes a conventional design and flips it so that the house grows from inside out.

Pilar Aguirre + Giulia Astrachan + Jesús Carlos Bueno + Julianna Carmona + Vincent Charlebois + Yu-Wen Chen + Yu-Ching Chiang + Pablo Corroto + Nour El Kamali + Elisabet Fàbrega R.Roda + Kevin Matar + Jorge Luis Morales + Sinead Nicholson + Lian Qiao + Michael Salka + Yuanpei Tian + Zhipeng Yu + Jie Zhang + Heran Zu /DEVELOPED AT IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), Valldaura Labs /COURSE MAEB (Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings) 2018-2019 /PROGRAM Prototype for a Tiny Ecohouse /LEAD BY Vicente Guallart + Daniel Ibáñez + Marziah Zad